Fibre power to the people

Real fibre broadband to power up your online world.

Hands up if you want to go faster!

Find out if you can get an Ogi service from this summer.

We’re Ogi

Ogi’s on a mission to power up life online for homes, businesses and communities in south Wales, installing real fibre right up to your doorstep.

Real fibre is full fibre optic broadband that connects to your home or business, as opposed to the green box down the street. It’s an internet connection that’s direct to you. Like your own internet superhighway to your doorstep. Offering glitch-free internet, no matter how many people are online.

Real, connected living.

Go Ogi, go!

The benefits of our real fibre service:


Real fibre means real fast.

Great offers

Big broadband for roughly the same bucks. No brainer.

Wifi included

Wifi solutions for everyone.

We’re Welsh

We’re here for our communities across south Wales.

Making our way to you…

Ogi is bringing its ultrafast, ultra-reliable real fibre broadband to homes and businesses across south Wales, one community at a time.

We’re powering a digital revolution, building a new internet experience for communities we believe deserve better than they currently get.

No more copper cables. No regular glitchy disruptions and frozen screens…

Everyone has a type

Choose from the Ogi personalities below to find the best products and services for you.

The real full fibre experience

Learners will learn.

Shoppers will shop.

Gamers will game. 

Zoomers will zoom.

Businesses will grow.


We’re for people who want real connected living, all of the time.