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We’re Ogi!

In Wales, when someone shouts ‘Ogi!’ it’s impossible not to smile. It’s a call to come together, to unite stronger as one. And that’s what we believe the internet is all about – bringing people together.

Over the next five years, we’re creating a new full fibre network, linking-up homes and businesses in communities from Pembrokeshire to Monmouthshire.

It’s a mission to bring real, connected living to communities across south Wales by installing a new full fibre network in the towns and villages we call home.

Find out how we’re connecting people to new ideas, opportunities and each other – for work, life and play.

Go, Ogi, go!

Full fibre is good on a lot of levels:

For a better future

Full fibre is the infrastructure we all need for the future. Its capacity can grow with demand: so by digging up your street now, we won’t need to for years to come.

Better for our planet

Fibre optic cables are greener than the old copper networks, and will help more of us work from home – bringing opportunity to us, and a real advantage to our towns and villages.

Building a better Wales

We’re a Welsh company, headquartered in Cardiff, living all over. All of us are excited about what Ogi can do for south Wales.

There’s nowhere quite like home

We’re for the work-from-homers, the smart-home owners, the gamers, the learners, the shoppers and the Zoomers.

Our speeds range from 150 Mbps to 900 Mbps (that’s more than twenty times faster than the Wales average)! If you live in one of our Ogi areas find out about our Ogi Welcome Offer now.

Connections matter

Ogi’s more than a name, it’s a feeling; it’s warm, friendly and familiar.

It’s a rallying call for connection; it’s the moment magic happens.

Because whether we live, work or play around the corner or across the world, life’s better when we’re connected.