We’re keeping Wales up to speed

Shwmae. Oi. Hello.

We’re Wales’s leading alternative network provider – or altnet for short – installing a Gigabit-capable digital network in the towns and villages we call home. It’s next generation stuff, giving local families and businesses great value ultrafast and ultra-reliable services, from a talented team based right around the corner.

So get ready to go faster than ever –  playing on mam’s iPhone at the kitchen table, getting Netflix-ready on the sofa or acing that virtual presentation.

Better broadband for Wales

Our new full fibre infrastructure is bypassing old, worn connections and giving people, communities and businesses around south Wales a real online advantage.

The full fibre connection comes right to your door (you’ll hear it called FTTP or Fibre To The Premises) means you’ll get a better service, with ultrafast and ultra-reliable speeds without it costing the earth!

It’s like a low-carbon internet superhighway to your front door, ready and willing to take you anywhere you want to go.

In your area

Bringing a full fibre network to you takes a lot of planning, digging, cabling, installing – we’ll be in each of these communities for quite a bit of time… but, don’t worry, if we need to dig in your street, that should only take a few weeks. Once it’s in, your full fibre network is capable of being up-cycled continually, so you won’t be seeing our diggers again for a very long time, unless we need to quickly repair something.

No traffic jams ahead…

You’ll see us working along the south Wales trunk roads too – connecting data centres and exchanges across south Wales to next-generation tech. This is a bit like building a new network of roads across south Wales connecting towns and villages to the world wide web – only these roads are your virtual bypass to a world of lighting-fast  information, without any traffic lights, roundabouts or junctions to stop at.

Oi! Oi! Oi!

Our teams are here to support the local community during the rollout, helping you to make the most out of these new ultrafast digital service now, and in the future.

You might meet us out and about – and if you do, please stop and say ‘shwmae’, ‘Ogi, Ogi, Ogi’ or just ‘hello’ – we’re a really friendly bunch!