Supporting our communities

Working together in the communities we’re powering-up.

Your community partner

As we busy ourselves weaving our full fibre broadband network underground and over-head in towns and villages across south Wales, we also want to root ourselves among the people and communities we serve.  

Employing people locally, we’re investing around £5million in each town we bring full fibre connectivity to – helping to level up our rural towns and villages, readying all of us for the future. On top of all that, we’re supporting our communities’ grassroots, backing a wide range of local groups, from sports clubs and coffee mornings to radio stations and everything in-between.  

Charity Partners

As well as supporting local charities, we’ve partnered with three national organisations – Age Cymru, Blood Bikes Wales and The South and West Wales Wildlife Trust – each receiving a bespoke package of support from teams right across Ogi, including advice, training, volunteering hours and fundraising.

Ogi Clubs, Groups and Teams

We also sponsor and support a range of local clubs, teams and groups who are all playing a part locally in their towns and villages. From Cardiff Rugby and Haverfordwest AFC, to Potskewet AFC and Bro Radio, you’ll see Ogi on jerseys, dotted around stadiums and even on the airwaves!

To discuss sponsorship opportunities for your club or group, get in touch.

Our community fund

Our community fund ‘Cefnogi’ (meaning support in Welsh) will offer micro-grants of up to £250 to a range of local groups and community organisations in our current and future full fibre towns and villages.

So, if it brings people together and has the potential to make a difference in your community – then we want to support it, and you!

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verb ~ to encourage; support; endorse; second. 

Your questions answered

Do you fund activity anywhere?

At the moment, we’re focusing on ‘Ogi Communities’. These are the communities where we are building our network in Pembrokeshire, the Vale of Glamorgan and Monmouthshire. But keep checking back as we’re adding towns and villages all the time.

How much funding to you offer to each project?

Our micro fund is there to help plug a gap, rather than fund your project in full. At the moment we’re offering grants of up to £250 – and cover at least 50% of your overall activity.

What should I include in my explanation?

Let us know what you’re doing and how it will benefit your local community. Give us as much information as you can, but please try and do this in 500 words or less.

Community Fund

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“The injection of energy (and cash) Ogi have given us as a club has, quite literally, been a lifeline…”
~Haverfordwest AFC