The real Ogi advantage

Ogi can power-up your productivity with a better internet connection, but we don’t stop there…

Welcome to Ogi Pro

Never have digital skills and technical know-how been more important to business, or society: menus are QR codes; cyber-threats loom large; and there’s an app for everything…

Here at Ogi, we’re on a mission to power-up the online life of the business community around us. We’re building a better network and sharpening our skills to give business partners not just the broadband, but all the other tools they need to compete and grow in a digital world.

Begone dusty filing cabinets (real or desktop-based) and let’s get really digital with Ogi Pro.

Real fibre to supercharge your business performance

Outdated copper cables used to service modern internet demands aren’t fit for purpose – they have a direct impact on business efficiency, too. Ogi’s here to change all that, with a full fibre network right to your farm/shop/factory/warehouse (delete as appropriate.)

Find out how full fibre to your door can supercharge your business performance. 

Not in a fibretown?

Not in an Ogi community?

We also offer other kinds of connectivity solutions to businesses, wherever you are in south Wales.

Pop-in your postcode, or speak to us on 029 2002 0535 to find out more.

Your business is our business

Yes, Ogi’s here to build a fibre network and provide any business in south Wales with better connectivity. But we go further too. Cardiff-based, Ogi’s Business Development team – 029 2002 0535 / [email protected] – will not only work with you to find the right kind of connection for your premises, but we can also provide you with all the other essentials you need to protect yourself, and develop your business, online.

Once you’re all set-up, our Business Service Desk is then here to help, including 24/7 if that’s what your business needs. They’re an expert bunch, that will make it their business to get to know yours. They are available on 029 2002 2333 or at [email protected]

Our Ogi Pro Managed Services

Your connection really is just the start of your technical and digital journey with Ogi to anywhere you want to go as a company. We offer IT support too, including:

Ogi Pro Firewall

Cyber-attacks are everywhere, so protect your people, and your peace of mind, with a Firewall security service, backed-up by the support of a local team.

Ogi Pro Wifi

Bring broadband to every corner of your business, enabling staff to work smarter, and guests to search, scroll and click better.

Ogi Pro Voice

In a world of video meetings, sometimes it’s nice to talk. Add internet-based calling to your package and bring all your connectivity systems into to the 21C.

Infrastructure for growth

The current broadband network in the UK just isn’t up to what it needs to be if we want to recover; if we want to drive future productivity; and if we want to get greener by enabling more flexible working. Ogi is here to change all that, one community at a time.

Not only does better broadband power-up the potential of every single shop, café, workshop, factory that receives it… together we can power-up whole communities: bringing opportunity to us, from anywhere in the world.

Knowledge is power

Microsoft Partner [Gold Accreditations]
MIcrosoft Partner [Silver Accreditation]
INCA Gold Standard [Networks]