Be one step ahead…

Solutions to help you manage your data, help your teams work smarter and safer – no matter where today’s office is.

Beyond broadband…

We’re not just about broadband. Our specialist teams can advise you on a full suite of custom services and products to help you grow your business.

We offer consultations and support from tailored, watertight security systems to voice technology and cutting-edge cloud-based systems.

Whilst our certified support engineers can supplement your IT experts at second or third line or take on the full responsibility for running the service to free up your IT teams so they can focus on your core business.

A better kind of connection

Full fibre is everyone’s business. Here’s why:


Fibre optic technology is here to stay. When the time comes – and it will – to increase your Ogi speed by x10 or even x100, we’ll be right there ready to do so with a flick of the switch.

Green tech

Connect more, commute less – with an ultrafast digital superhighway to your door, there’s no need to jump in the car – meet anyone, anywhere and save on carbon emissions.

Better for Wales

Ogi is bringing full fibre to areas that aren’t at the top of anyone else’s lists. Helping procurement and prosperity in south Wales.

Microsoft Gold Partner

We’re very proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner and have quickly gained a reputation for helping teams get connected with Microsoft Office 365. Together with our other managed services, we’re helping businesses get the most out of their tools, unlocking opportunities for them and their customers as we go.

Let’s connect

Our Ogi Pro connectivity can be delivered to your premises over our newly-built full fibre network or over partner networks, so if you’re not in an Ogi area, don’t worry you can still sign-up to receive the great Ogi account management service. Check your post code to see if we can bring our next-generation ultrafast broadband right to your door.
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Here to help, whenever you need us

Once you’re all set-up, our friendly Cardiff-based Business Care Team is here to help, including 24/7 support if that’s what your business needs.

They’re an expert bunch, that will make it their business to get to know yours.

You’ll always speak to a real person when the need arises and we’re a local company so our team will be able to help sort things out quickly. And always with a smile.

Ready to power-up business…

Ogi Pro 300: 300Mbps download and upload speed
Ogi Pro 500: 500Mbps download and upload speed
Ogi Pro 900: 900Mbps download and upload speed
Microsoft Gold Partner
Commscope Solution provider
Engage Partner