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We’re giving you the chance to experience the speed of our ultrafast full fibre broadband for yourself (sort of).

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Ultrafast, right to your door

Today, companies like Ogi are rolling out full fibre networks – that’s fibre optic connectivity direct to your front door (FTTP). It’s a more reliable, faster connection ready for all the gaming, streaming and Zooming you can handle.

Take for example a 300Mbps full fibre connection. With it, you can download an entire music album in around 2 seconds; a 4K ultra-HD movie in around 9 minutes; and have more than 60 devices connected at the same time without noticing any slowdown in speed.

Compare that to the average broadband speed in Wales (FTTC) – that’s 67.79Mbps according to Think Broadband – and it’s likely taking you 10 seconds to download an album and a whopping 40 minutes for a 4K ultra-HD movie.


Subject to terms. The prize draw is open to residents over 18 years of age and who registered their details with Ogi through our website, telesales or face-to-face. Employees and their families, the Promoter, agents and any third party directly associated with the Promoter and with the administration of this competition are excluded from the prize draw.