Grassroots to boardroom

Your community is our community  and our real fibre broadband is on its way to you! Find out which areas we’re in so far and where we’re off to next. 

Ogi on the move

Our very first fibre communities will be Haverfordwest, Rhoose, Llantwit Major, St Athan and Abergavenny. Live somewhere else in south Wales? Not to worry. We’re busy building our network and hope to be in your community soon. Check your postcode to see if we’re getting close or call 029 2002 0520 now.
Your address

Real fibre for you and your community

Digital infrastructure can make all the difference to the way your community thrives. When it’s good it’s good for everyone. But low-quality internet connections reduce opportunity, inhibit ambition and isolate us. Never has connection been so important. We’re speeding up connectivity and our roll-out is already underway…

A community-based mission, rooted in real places.

We’re a Welsh business with a big heart and a mission to level up full fibre connectivity in south Wales – and you’re all invited to join us.

A better kind of broadband

We hope to bring your community a lot of benefits.


We might be digging on your road for a few weeks, but our fibre optic cables are then there to stay: when the time comes – and it will – to increase your Ogi speed by 10, or even x100, we can.


Full fibre broadband means that you can work wherever you are. It brings opportunities to you, from anywhere in the world.


You’ll see our friendly team out and about all the time and we want to champion and support the local organisations and businesses that matter to you.

Ogi’s big dig – and you

Building a full fibre network takes a lot of planning, digging, cabling, installing – we’ll be in each of these communities for quite a bit of time… but, don’t worry, if we need to dig in your street, that should only take a few weeks. Once it’s in, your full fibre network is capable of being up-cycled continually, so you won’t be seeing our diggers again for a very long time, unless we need to quickly repair something.

So thank you for your patience and let’s get you connected soon.

Which Ogi are you?

Everyone has a type.

Are you a Social Butterfly or fast-paced Gamer, an Armchair Coach or an Online Learner; a Bandwidth Beast or a Season Binger, a Spare Room CEO or a digital Fixer?