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Diolch. Thank you.

Thank you so much for deciding to sign-up to Ogi.

We’re a friendly, Welsh-based company and we hope that your service helps to power-up your online life – as a home customer, a business and a community.

We want you to find information and inspiration to help you make the most of your Ogi service on these pages.

Oh, oh Ogi…

Full fibre broadband is pretty reliable, but things can go wrong from time to time with our service, your network and your equipment.

The Ogi team monitors the network for issues 24/7, dealing with known problems straight away; so even if the Customer Care team isn’t available, our Ogi Engineers will still be busy repairing any issues we spot.

We’ll report any service issues we know about on this page too.

Home Customers / Our friendly Customer Care team can help Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm.

Business Customers / Our Business Service Desk is open Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm.

Spectrum Internet and NSUK Customers / Everything you need in one place.

Getting the speeds you need?

To check your Ogi speed, use our Ogi Speed Test.

Please ensure that you’re using an ethernet connection to your router to test your speed not testing over a wifi connection, as this doesn’t always reflect the speed of the connection that is actually coming into your home or business in the first place.

The speed of your connection can vary for a range of reasons. 50% of customers will receive their package speed at peak times – this is from 8pm-10pm for home customers; and from 12pm-2pm for businesses.

If your speed is considerably and consistently below what you expect, contact us.

The Basics

Fast links to the things you might really want to know.

How to provide feedback

Your feedback helps us grow.

If you’ve spotted something that’s a bit ‘off’, or you have a niggly question – fire away!

Contact us

How to report a fault

If our product or service has fallen short this time, we’ll get you back on track.

Contact us so our Ogi team can identify the issue, and do something to help.

What to do if you’re moving house

Pastures new? Let’s see if we can connect you.

(Oh, and happy new house celebrations from us too!)

Contact us

How to Complain
If our standards have fallen short or you’re not happy with the support you’ve received, you can refer to our Complaints Code.

Ogi’s here for you

We’re just down the road, and on the other end of the phone (or email.)

Local teams

Ogi’s team is based in south Wales, including installers and engineers. We will move quickly to fix things for you.

Responsive care

If you contact us Mon-Fri we’ll get back to you within 4 hours, and will aim to repair your fault within 2 business days. We’re continually monitoring the network all the time too.

Business support

Our Business Service team will make it their business to know your business. They are available 24/7 if that’s what you need.

Spectrum Internet and Net Support UK Customers

If you were a Spectrum Internet or Net Support UK customer with us before we became Ogi – then a massive thank you for your continued support.

Here’s a link to all the key information about your services.