I (don’t) hate Mondays

If you want to build your career alongside a winning team with Welsh communities at its core, then Croeso! 

Build. Network. Sales. Marketing. IT. Tech support. Engineering. 

There’s a bright, brilliant future ahead for you and your career. 

We’d love to have you on our team.

Welcome to your new future

Rise to the challenge with us – and help to create a digital landscape that future generations can be proud of. View live roles below. 

Powering-up our communities

Poor connectivity can lead to a lot of negative knock-on effects: isolation, opportunities lost, ambitions parked.

The good news?

We’re well on the way to a faster, stronger and better full fibre broadband experience. We’re a grassroots company bringing real, connected living to communities across south Wales.

Inclusive and diverse. Supercharged growth. A community to call home.