So, what actually is real fibre?

Today, most internet services use full fibre connections to the green box on the pavement nearby and then old copper wire connections from the green box to homes and businesses. Here we find out what full fibre broadband means in reality – for homes and businesses, right here in Wales.

Around 90% of the world’s data was generated in the last two years alone and that basic copper network is struggling to cope. In an ordinary family home there’s gaming, TVs, phones, mobiles, home information systems, security devices and more.

Creating a full fibre network in Wales enables our economy and communities to make positive changes for the challenges ahead. Our blog ‘A few reasons to care about full fibre broadband‘ explains how real fibre broadband helps shape our sustainable future.

“Services advertising superfast ‘fibre broadband’ have been around for a while, and might lead you to believe that this fibre thing is nothing new. But they’re not telling the whole truth.”

Full fibre means a fibre optic cable to your home or business: made from glass or plastic, they use pulses of light to transmit swiftly and cleanly from here to anywhere, continually, constantly… That’s the data that makes up your emails to your friends, the latest Netflix binge, your e-shopping, literally travelling at the speed of light to do its thing. Helping you work better, Zoom faster, game harder.

It’s all a little bit magic (or simply science, if you ask our Ogi techies.)

With copper, if you’re far from the cabinet, your service can often really suffer. That doesn’t happen with fibre. Your connection is just as good, whether the cabinet is outside your front gate, or down the far end of the road. It’s a bit like having a really fast motorway to your door, instead of having to drive to a big junction a few miles away to join it.

Ogi’s full fibre connection creates exciting opportunities for homes and businesses who sign up. Communities that have made do with old internet infrastructure for years suddenly won’t have to: we’re opening up real advantages through real, connected living.

Full fibre will bring ultrafast broadband to your door. With great wifi, we can then spread the joy to every room in your home.

Powering-up your online life!

“It’s just light, pure and simple… with nothing added and almost nothing taken away.”