Real full fibre stories

A family (man, woman and young child) on the sofa, playing.

Jake and Cerys, from Carmarthen

“Downloads and updates would take hours. In the little time we have together, we want to spend it gaming with our friends, not waiting for updates to install.”
– Cerys, from Carmarthen

Malcolm at his laptop in the garden. He is smiling.

Malcolm, from Abergavenny

Martin at the coffee machine. He's smiling.

Martin, from Haverfordwest

Pratik, microphone in hand getting ready at a gig. He is smiling.

Pratik, from Ebbw Vale

Polly mid laughter. She's preparing for an archery activity - the archers targets can be seen in the background.

Polly, from Cardiff

“I love the fact that companies like Ogi exist! They really are creating a level playing field in our communities, not just providing next generation connectivity, but really putting communities at the heart of everything they do.”

– Polly, from Cardiff