Ogi brings Monmouth a step closer to ultrafast speeds

Safety barriers and three engineers surround a cabinet suspended by a crane. A blue sign at the front reads 'Real fibre broadband is coming to town'
Pictured: Ogi’s active cabinet – the network’s local broadband exchange – being installed in Monmouth. 

Wednesday 17, August. Monmouthshire. Wales’s home-grown broadband provider moved access to ultrafast broadband a step closer this week in Monmouth, as the company installed its main network cabinet in the town.

This milestone brings access to the new full fibre technology a step closer, acting as the broadband provider’s main exchange in the town. The active cabinet contains the tech behind the gigabit-capable network, with the potential to provide ultrafast broadband – that’s 150Mbps or higher – to more than 6,000 homes and businesses in the area when switched on later this year.

At the time of launching the Monmouth rollout, Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters MS said: “The impact of fast, affordable broadband for homes and businesses across Wales cannot be underestimated, supporting a thriving and sustainable vision for our future.

“Ogi is helping to realise faster speeds, greater access and better support for places that have previously found it harder to connect.”

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