Ogi Predictions

Emerging Tech Paving the Way in 2022

Happy New Year! Blwyddyn Newydd Dda!

For us, a new year means new opportunities. The past two years have shown a real need for tech innovations in sectors of all kinds, from kitchen start-ups to full blown corporations across the globe.

So we’ve got our eagle eye on emerging tech that we think will pave the way in 2022, with a huge focus on sustainability and smarter, more innovative ways to connect people online.

Office to Online Working

One of the biggest changes we saw from the pandemic was the move from office working to remote working, or a hybrid approach. As the threat of COVID-19 grew, workers across the globe had to make the switch almost overnight. People have even questioned whether we have witnessed a new industrial revolution across the knowledge economy.

Working remotely opened up the question of collaboration. How will people share crucial knowledge if they are not shoulder to shoulder in an office environment? That’s where tech stepped in. From cloud based solutions where information can be shared and stored in one accessible place online to communication tools such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Online solutions have supported businesses and have enabled colleagues to work together efficiently, even when working remotely.

There’s no slowing down here and we can expect more innovative tech solutions which will bring teams together remotely, and more sustainably. Embracing this will continue to be pivotal for businesses in 2022 to keep their edge amongst competitors.

Repair-friendly devices

For years tech giants have fought against repair shops and third parties who offer to repair devices themselves (you know, for when you accidentally throw your phone at a wall in rage during the rugby). This may be to keep every stage of manufacturing, distribution and repairs internal, to protect the product and brand reputation.

However, we’ve already begun to see a shift in this mindset as repair-friendly gadgets have crept into the mainstream. If corporations continue to make these leaps in tech this year, we could be looking at a big win for the environment, as this would extend the shelf life of devices and cut down on gadgets’ carbon footprint and e-waste.

At the end of last year, Apple surprised us by going back on their ‘right to repair’ policy by making its devices’ unique repair manuals and tools more widely available. Following in their footsteps, Dell announced Concept Luna, a laptop that has 50% the carbon footprint of a normal computer. They have achieved this through shedding components and adding modular parts.

If we had to guess, we’d say that sustainability will soon become a significant unique selling point for devices in 2022.

Digital Doctors

The COVID-19 pandemic brought around a lot of changes in healthcare. This included a new age of communication, via phone or video calls to your GP and other healthcare workers. Virtual consultations in your pyjamas is now the new normal, so the question is, what’s the next step in the digital transformation of healthcare?

Firstly, it’s important to note that before 2020, there were digital movements going on in the sector, including apps to track symptoms, Medical ID’s on your phone in case of emergencies and more, but the pandemic certainly hurried this process along. So now that we have gotten used to accessing our medical information online, it opens up a market for tech that can streamline this process even further.

Whether it’s initial consultations with chatbots before you speak to a doctor, or linking NHS records to wearable sensors such as heart rate or blood pressure monitors, in 2022 we can imagine there will be an increase in tech solutions that aim to capture the most up to date and accurate patient data available to doctors and healthcare providers.

The technology created in the past two years has emerged through necessity, at a time where we had to adapt to our circumstances. However, looking ahead to this year, we predict that tech will continue to connect us to each other, whether that’s friends, family, teachers, colleagues or even doctors.

We also know that sustainability is going to be a part of the decision making process in emerging tech of all kinds, from its creation to the customer journey. This will be crucial to ensure that the tech of today is fit for the future.

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