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Full fibre broadband made in, and for Wales

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We’re bringing our ultrafast, ultra-reliable full fibre broadband to towns and villages right across south Wales. Join the digital revolution happening right on your doorstep.
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Ultrafast, right to your door!

Today, companies like Ogi are rolling out full fibre networks – that’s fibre optic connectivity direct to your front door (FTTP). It’s a more reliable, faster connection ready for all the gaming, streaming and Zooming you can handle.

Take for example a 300Mbps full fibre connection. With it, you can download an entire music album in around 2 seconds; a 4K ultra-HD movie in around 9 minutes; and have more than 60 devices connected at the same time without noticing any slowdown in speed.

Compare that to the average broadband speed in Wales (FTTC) – that’s 67.79Mbps according to Think Broadband – and it’s likely taking you 10 seconds to download an album and a whopping 40 minutes for a 4K ultra-HD movie.

*Subject to availability in your area. The ‘Ogi Max’ Offer includes free broadband and free voice evenings and weekends for six months. Calls outside this voice tariff not included. 24 month contract applies. You can cancel your Ogi Max broadband service within three months without any further commitment, but wifi equipment must be returned to Ogi. Cancel Ogi voice at any time with 30 days’ notice.