What is real fibre?

It means faster, better, greener broadband.

Real fibre explained

Today, most internet services use full fibre connections to the green box on the pavement nearby and then old copper wire connections from the green box to homes and businesses.

Those connections were installed in the days when all they had to support was a home phone. They can’t cope with today’s load – in an ordinary family home think gaming, TVs, phones, mobiles, home information systems, security devices and more.

We’re bringing fibre power to the people. We’re bypassing those little connections and installing new full fibre infrastructure in communities across south Wales, right up to the doorstep.

What Ogi fibre really means

Here are some of the advantages of your Ogi service.


Real fast, real fibre.

Your own line

A line that’s all yours. No sharing, no snags.

Local customer service

A support team just up the road from you.


Endlessly predictable. In a good way.

The real fibre advantage

Our full fibre connection is like a private digital superhighway to the doorstep. This creates exciting opportunities for homes and businesses who sign up. Communities that have made do with old internet infrastructure for years suddenly won’t have to: we’re opening up real advantages through real, connected living.

Hands up if you want to go faster!

How much speed do you need? We offer ultrafast, ultra-reliable real fibre to customers starting at speeds that are more than twice the Welsh average.

“Full fibre is better for the environment – and our cultural and economic future…”