No more not-spots

When it comes to wifi, good enough isn’t good enough.

Wifi around every corner

Wifi is the wireless technology that connects your smart TV, laptop, mobile phone, games console, or even your smart kitchen appliances, to the internet. We’re enhancing your wifi experience, with some half tidy tech.

The Ogi solution

Ogi 150 customers will receive free Zyxel equipment to power-up all parts of their homes.

Ogi 300 customers get two, totally epic Amazon eero 6 Wifi Mesh Routers as standard; and you get two eero 6 Pro routers if you sign-up as for one of our Ogi 900 packages.

State-of-the-art wifi, for every part of your home… and if that’s still not enough, upgrade for more! 

Not now in a minute. Your digital moment in milliseconds.