Newport County, let’s go ultrafast today!

Ogi’s full fibre rollout has already been to Llanvaches, and we’re coming to Underwood and Langstone very soon. Come and join the digital revolution today.


Shwmae Newport!

We’re Ogi – Wales’s home-grown broadband company – here to power-up communities like Llanvaches, Langstone and Underwood with our ultrafast full fibre broadband. It’s next generation stuff, ready to keep you working, entertained and connected in your community. So whether you’re a ‘Spare Room CEO’, a ‘Season Binger’ or a ‘Bandwidth Beast’, there’s an Ogi package that’s just right for you.

So, how fast is ultrafast?

Before Ogi arrived, the average speeds recorded in Llanvaches were very slow indeed!

Starting at 150Mbps download, Ogi’s service is ultrafast and ultra-reliable.

If you live locally and want to find out more about Ogi’s services, call us on 029 2002 0550.

Community is at the heart of all we do

We’re here to power-up homes and businesses across south Wales and – just like you – we’re giving back, supporting local teams and groups in places like Llanvaches. So, if it brings people together and has the potential to make a difference in your community – then we want to support it. Find out more about the opportunities available through our community fund ‘Cefnogi’.

The full fibre advantage

Building a full fibre network takes a lot of planning, some digging and sometimes a little disruption. But don’t worry, if we need to work in your street, it should only take a few weeks and, once it’s in, your full fibre network is capable of being up-cycled continually, so you won’t be seeing our diggers again for a very long time (unless we need to quickly repair something, of course).

Hands up if you want to go faster!

Live in Llanfaches, Langstone or Underwood and ready to go ultrafast? Sign up today and we’ll let you know as soon as Ogi’s broadband services are ready in the area.
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A Welsh first…

#DYK: the first Independent congregation in Wales was established at Llanvaches* in 1639 (then in Monmouthshire) and was led by the Puritan rector of the parish, William Wroth.

It’s pretty amazing what you can find out online, isn’t it?😊. *Source: Welsh Buildings Trust.