Go, Haverfordwest, go!

Real fast fibre broadband is here, Haverfordwest: call us on 029 2002 0520 to find out more today. 

Fibre power to the local people:

Some lucky locals can now sign-up for better broadband. Simply call us on 029 2002 0520 or enter your postcode below to find out if you can access our fibre broadband in Haverfordwest.
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Fast fibre broadband is here Haverfordwest!

Ogi’s fibre broadband is up and running in Haverfordwest and we’ll be welcoming more and more of you on board over the coming weeks.

Look out for us as we dig where necessary, hang cables on poles, set up green cabinets, blow fibre, install new services…  We’ll be in town for a while, moving street by street. We’ll let you know when we’re planning to be on your road and the very local work in your area shouldn’t take too long.

Sign-up now if we’ve just passed your home or business. If we haven’t arrived in your part of town just yet, pre-register to find out when we’re getting close!

Join the Ogi revolution

Providing fast fibre broadband in Haverfordwest is part of our mission to power up Wales’ digital future with brand new infrastructure. To build greener and better, we’re looking for local businesses, groups and organisations to partner with us. That’s why we’re so pleased to sponsor Haverfordwest County AFC’s Ogi Bridge Meadow Stadium (go, Bluebirds!) We’ve also given our support to Haverfordwest Town Museum, because Ogi also loves to promote local culture and heritage.

If you’re a local organisation – or a local business – that shares our view of the world, let’s talk today.

Ogi’s Virtual Christmas Market

Community is at the heart of all we do, so this Christmas we’d like to give back to the local business community.

Many local businesses have told us how difficult the last couple of years have been. So, we have created a virtual shop window to sell all their goodies online, whilst also encouraging footfall to the local high street.

Drum  roll… introducing the Haverfordwest Virtual Christmas Market! It’s free and easy to join, just fill in a quick form and the Ogi Elves will do the rest. So whether you’re in retail, leisure, hospitality or are wanting to buy something for that special person in your life, get involved today!


Your Ogi Package

Ogi 150 / Broadband speeds that can keep up with box set binges.

Ogi 300 / WFH should be simple. Be Zoom-ready in no time.

Ogi 900 / Power up your watching, listening, gaming, recording, collaborating.

Look out for the Ogi crew

We’re a friendly bunch – so give us a big ‘Ogi!’ shout-out if you see us in your community.

Look out for our community liaison team, local events, sales crew. We’re all here to help and to answer your questions about our broadband services in Haverfordwest.

You can’t miss us: just head for the ‘Ogi’ logo.

Real fibre. Real advantage.

We all know how important digital connectivity is to our towns. Ilets more families connect, more people work remotely or on the go, and more businesses grow, wherever they’re based. We want to make Haverfordwest an even more vibrant place to visit, worklive and invest in – and we hope Ogi real fibre can help provide opportunities now, as well as for the next generation.