West is best(er)

Real fast fibre is on its way to Haverfordwest:

Go up to twenty times faster than the Welsh average!

Welcome to the digital revolution!

Our Ogi real fibre is on its way to Haverfordwest! Over the next few months we’ll be digging and chatting, connecting customers from Crundale to Merlin’s Bridge. Pre-register now to find out more about our work in your area – and be amongst the first to connect to our Ogi service. 

Real fibre. Real advantage.

We all know how important digital connectivity is to our towns – it enables more families to connect, more people to work from home, and more businesses to grow, wherever they’re based. We hope that Ogi real fibre helps to make Haverfordwest an even more vibrant place to visit, invest, work and live: giving opportunity now, and to the next generation. 

Join the Ogi revolution

We’re on a mission to power up Wales’ digital future with brand new digital infrastructure.

To build greener and better, we’re looking for local businesses, groups and organisations to partner with us.

We care about the things that mean a lot to your community, so if you’re a rugby club, community group or any other kind of local organisation and want to know how we can support you, get in touch today.

Ogi 150 / Broadband speeds that can keep up with box set binges.

Ogi 300 / WFH should be simple. Be Zoom-ready in no time.

Ogi 900 / Power up your watching, listening, gaming, recording, collaborating.

Ogi on the move…

The mission is underway!

We know Wales. We’re proud to be Welsh and we’re wholly invested in our communities. Our team is also working closely with local groups and partners to understand each community’s needs and priorities.

If you have a specific corporate or media related query, speak to our Communications team.