Real fibre’s coming, Abergavenny

Abergavenny – real fast fibre broadband is on its way…

Ogi Update

Ogi’s started work in Abergavenny and will be connecting our first customers in the coming weeks. Yippee!

Our crews will be out and about building the network across the town: digging where necessary, hanging cables on poles, setting up green cabinets, blowing fibre, installing new services… We’ll be moving street by street and while the street-level work can be a little disruptive, it should only take a few weeks for us to finish-up everything in your neighbourhood if all goes to plan, leaving you with a full fibre network for the future. We’ll let you know when we’re coming.

If we’re not in your part of town just yet, pre-register to find out when we’re getting close. In the meantime, we’re sorry for any disruption and a huge Ogi Diolch for your patience.

Ogi’s local team

A lot of the Ogi crew live locally, and you’ll see our friendly Ogi crew in your community quite a bit.

If you have any questions, look out for our Community Liaison Officer, as well as our friendly sales team – who’ll be hitting your street and are happy to help. You can’t miss them: just head for the ‘Ogi’ logo.

Hands up if you want to go faster!

We’re busy building our network and we hope to be in your road soon. Start by confirming your postcode below.

We love local

We want be your community partner.

That’s why we’re so proud to sponsor Abergavenny Town FC Under 14s next season.

We’re also keen to join forces with other organisations, as well as local businesses that are passionate about the local area: so if you’d like to hook up with Ogi, drop us a line now!

Your Ogi Package

Ogi 150 / Perfect for homeschooling heroes, gamers and streamer dreamers.

Ogi 300 / WFH should be simple. Be Zoom-ready in no time.

Ogi 900 / Power up your watching, listening, gaming, recording, collaborating.

Real fibre. Real advantage.

We all know how important digital connectivity is to where we live. It enables more families to connect, more people to work from home, and more businesses to grow, wherever they’re based. We hope that Ogi real fibre broadband helps to make Abergavenny an even more vibrant placto visit, worklive and invest in – opening up opportunities now and for future generations.