Real fibre. Real opportunity.

Join Ogi for a new internet experience era that’s fit for the future and good for business. 

What is real fibre?

Believe it or not, across Wales, we’re still relying on antiquated Victorian copper cables to manage our modern internet demands. But Ogi’s sparking a new digital revolution to roll out real fibre broadband to communities who until now have been poorly served. No more copper cables. No regular glitchy disruptions and frozen screens. 


We believe better broadband capability is better for the environment and better for our cultural and economic future.


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Power-up your productivity

Employees lose almost an hour each week due to poor speed and connectivity. Communities, businesses and families deserve better – and we’re changing the game. Can my business get REAL full fibre broadband?
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Fibre power to your people

With increased demand for home and remote working capability, businesses are now upping their online working game. Ogi can help you connect your teams and customers more efficiently – with bigger bandwidth options, improved firewalls and all the tools you need to manage your business in the virtual space.

Supercharge your business: grow your world.

Packages custom designed for:

Independent sole traders | Small businesses | Large organisations |

Dispersed teams | Office premises

Not in a fibretown?

No problem. We can provide business customers anywhere in Wales with a dedicated leased line connection. Do the postcode check – and we’ll do the rest.
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Beyond broadband: when you need extra for your business

We’re not just about broadband. Our specialist teams can advise you on a suite of custom services and products to help you grow your business.


We offer consultations on support from tailored, watertight security systems to voice technology and cutting-edge cloud-based systems. We’re ready when you are.