What is real fibre?

Join Ogi for a new internet experience that’s fit for the future and good for business.

Real fibre is the real deal

Ogi is able to provide businesses across south Wales with an internet service, but our main focus is on building our own fibre optic network in underserved communities from Pembrokeshire to Monmouthshire.

In these areas, we’re bringing an Ogi full fibre connection right to you.

This has the potential to transform your business; as well as your local economy: and, customer by customer, the wider Welsh economy too, we hope.

The full fibre difference

Across Wales, fibre optic cables have made their way to most local cabinets, but many of us are still relying on copper cables to manage our modern internet demands. That includes all kinds of businesses in many pockets of our big cities, our market towns, and valleys communities.

We’re here to change all that.

Ogi’s on a mission to play our part in bringing full fibre to more of these areas, more quickly that you’d otherwise get it. We’re bringing ultrafast connectivity direct to your front door, roller-door or revolving door.

So if you’re in one of Ogi’s networked areas, pre-register now.

What if you’re not in my area?

We have big plans, and will keep in touch as we get closer.

In the meantime, we can offer you a range of Ogi Pro connectivity packages over third party networks – so you can benefit from Ogi’s local Business Development and Service Desk support; as well as those essential bolt-ons such as firewall, wifi and voice packages that are just as important as your internet.

Power-up your productivity

Employees lose almost an hour each week due to poor speed and connectivity. Communities, businesses and families deserve better – and we’re changing the game. Speak to us on 029 2002 2300 or search for your service below.
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Everyone’s in business

Full fibre is considered to be the vital infrastructure of the future.

It enables more people to work better from home; driving productivity up, and carbon emissions down. It brings opportunity to communities, so that we can run global enterprises from the deepest, wildest parts of Wales if that’s what we want to do. It attracts start-ups out of the cities to set-up new enterprises in new areas, and keeps our young people in our communities, if that’s where they want to stay.

It enables every business to compete: from a Pembrokeshire craft-maker that’s all over Insta; to a manufacturing plant in St Athan with a market on the other side of the world.