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Digital infrastructure can make all the difference to the way both businesses and communities prosper. When broadband connection is good, it’s good for everyone.


Our real mission

Believe it or not, across Wales, we’re still relying on antiquated Victorian copper cables to manage our modern internet demands. So Ogi’s sparked a digital revolution to roll out real fibre broadband to communities who until now have been poorly served.

No more copper cables. No regular glitchy disruptions and frozen screens.

Fibre power to your people!

With increased demand for home and remote working capability, businesses are now upping their online working game. Ogi can help you connect your teams and customers more efficiently – with bigger bandwidth options, improved firewalls and all the tools you need to manage your business in the virtual space.

Who is Ogi?

We’re not new to this, we used to be Spectrum Internet and Net Support UK, but we’ve moved beyond just providing a regular mainstream internet service and basic managed IT support.

We know Wales. We’re super proud to be Welsh (hold the stereotypes and tropes, though) and we’re excited to be ushering in  a new digital era with back up from private investors and support from the government. When businesses are enabled to perform better, we create more opportunity and connection for everyone. 

Ogi’s about capturing that feel-good energy we generate when we come together. It’s the same contagious, smile-inducing spirit that’s generated at concerts, match days and meet ups with your mates. It’s a rallying call for connection, interaction and celebration. 

Real, connected living.

Beyond broadband

Sometimes you need that extra sparkle. Speak to our team today about our suite of custom services to help you grow your business. From tailored, watertight security systems to voice technology and cutting-edge cloud-based systems. We’re ready when you are.


From kitchen table businesses to global businesses – we’ll help you get there.