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We’re transforming the market by bringing far more affordable broadband and more options to businesses, using the most advanced full fibre technology available.

For unstoppable businesses

We’re Wales’s leading alternative network provider, installing a Gigabit-capable digital network to make things better for businesses across the nation. We provide speeds more than ten times faster than average – and symmetric speeds, from 300Mbps to 10Gbps and beyond. It’s next generation stuff.

For decades companies in Wales have had to rely on dedicated leased lines, often costing thousands of pounds a year to run. Now, with Ogi Pro you get ultrafast connectivity, together with market leading managed IT services and local support based in south Wales –  a business’s entire needs come together for the very first time.

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Connectivity you can count on

“We use the latest cutting edge technology across our entire environment to monitor clients networks 24/7, so a great internet connection is vital. As soon as we lose that connection, we lose connectivity to our clients as well. Ogi are our providers for the connection we have to the internet and the resilience around that and we’ve been delighted with the service.”

~ Damon Rands, CEO and Founder, PureCyber

A better kind of business connection

Better for Wales: Ogi is bringing full fibre to areas that aren’t at the top of anyone else’s lists. Helping business to compete and collaborate as well as procurement and prosperity in south Wales.

Fastest-capable speeds

We’re bringing 10 Gbps symmetrical speeds to supercharge your business’ performance. Full fibre or dedicated internet access. How fast do you want to go?

Firewall Secutrity

Cyber security threats are everywhere, optimise your network and secure your business – we’ll help you sleep better at night with Firewall security backed-up by local support.

Cloud Capabilities

Talk to us about efficient, green and lean ways to protect and store your information and data in the cloud – providing real power to your people, wherever they are.

Wifi for Everyone

Spread that speed. Let us sort access points, indoor and outdoor services, public access, remote monitoring, security and patch management.

Why go Pro?

We began by bringing full fibre technology to towns and villages to keep Wales ahead, digitally. Now that’s underway, the next bit’s for business: those organisations that want to be unstoppable.

Ambitious organisations need IT to work hard for them, so they can get on with the rest.

That’s where Ogi Pro comes in.

We help you out however you like: from products to keep you safe, sound and future ready, to all the IT services and support you could need, run by us, here in Wales.

Whatever you’re looking for, we’re here to make your business unstoppable.


Get in touch to find out how your business can benefit not just from ultrafast connectivity but also from watertight security options, enhanced wifi capability, cloud solutions and local support.