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Forget the small talk and canapés. Here at Ogi we’re into a very different kind of networking.

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Sole traders. Kitchen table business incubators. Home-based businesses. Medium sized companies on your way up. And global enterprises.

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Tomorrow’s world is here: whether it’s as simple as giving customers a dash of free wifi with their cuppa or as complex as powering-up a digitally-operated machine on the factory-floor.

If you run a business, small or large, in one of Ogi’s networked communities, we can offer you full fibre broadband, or a dedicated line on our network, that’s just for you, to give you the bandwidth you need to grow.

Pop in your postcode or call our Business Development team on 029 2002 2300.

Ogi Pro Broadband

Our local business packages

Ogi Pro 300 / For sole traders and little powerhouses.

Ogi Pro 500 / For busy medium sized businesses with bigger demands.

Ogi Pro 900 / Massive broadband capability for ambitious organisations that go large.

Not in a fibretown?

Ogi’s service is still available. We can offer businesses across south Wales a range of alternative broadband and dedicated line services, not on our own network, but in your area. Speak to the Business Development team today.

Hands up if you want to go faster!

Find out what we can offer your business. Call 029 2002 2300 today, email [email protected], or pop-in your postcode, and we’ll do the rest.
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Beyond broadband

Sometimes you need to go beyond the speed.

Speak to our team today about our suite of custom services to help you grow your business.

From tailored, watertight security systems to voice technology and cutting-edge cloud-based systems. We’re ready when you are.

Real superfast broadband is just the start of your success.