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Spectrum Internet and Net Support UK customers, here’s all the vital information about your contract with us, and service from us.


Your service from us

Ogi is the new name for all the companies in the Spectrum Fibre group, including Spectrum Internet and Net Support UK. The Net Support UK Registered Company name has also been changed to Ogi Networks Limited, to align with the trading name. 

We really value your custom and your service from us won’t change.  

What is changing is our name, and this means our website and emails, bills and invoices may look a little different to reflect the new brand.  

All the details relating to your existing services are included below, in the brand you signed-up with, just to keep things simple. We’ll keep also in touch with any updates over the coming months.

Spectrum Internet Customers

Key information relating to all your services from us.

All customers
Home broadband customers
Business broadband customers

Terms and Conditions:

Service Level Agreements – Business Broadband Services:

Premium business connectivity customers

Net Support UK Customers

Net Support UK is now Ogi Networks Limited, trading as Ogi.

Your service from us isn’t changing.

Here is the key information relating to all those services.

General information

Policies and Procedures:

Third Party Services: 

Service Descriptions
Service Level Agreements
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