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Spectrum Internet and Net Support UK Customer FAQ

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All your numbers have changed, how do I get in touch?

The number you have should still work and direct you to our new contact numbers. If you have any problems, contact Customer Care on 029 2002 0550 or at [email protected].

I’m a Spectrum Internet customer, what do the changes mean to me?

We really value your custom, so please be assured that your service from us won’t change. What is changing is our trading name, and this means our emails, bills and invoices may look a little different to reflect the new brand.  We’ll get in touch to update you about any future news.

What are the implications of any changes on me as a Net Support UK customer?

We really value your custom, so please be assured that you will continue to receive the same quality of service from our dedicated business engagement team – they are available for you on 029 2002 2333 or [email protected]. We’ve changed our registered name to Ogi Networks Limited, and trading name to Ogi to reflect our new focus and ambitions. Providing connectivity and managed service support to businesses is central to that ambition.

I’m not based in Wales, will you still be able to provide me with a service?

We currently have existing customers in all parts of the UK, and your service from us isn’t changing.  Ogi is a fun, inclusive word and we hope that every one of our existing customers feel it’s for you too.

Spectrum Internet Customers

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Annual Best Tariff Notification Questions and Answers

What’s an annual best tariff notification?

When you agreed to your contract, you’ll have agreed to a fixed term of service from us. Now that period has come to an end, you have the option of staying on your current package, potentially changing to a new Ogi service at a better price if available in your area, or switching to another provider.

We are required to let you know about the best tariffs available to you once a year and are getting in touch now as we’ve just announced new packages that are of relevance to certain customers.

Do I need to do anything?

If you’re satisfied with your Ogi service, you don’t have to do anything: your service from us will remain the same and your tariff will not change.

Am I eligible for your new Ogi 150Mbps packages?

You can use the Postcode Checker to find out if you can sign-up for one of Ogi’s new full fibre packages. You will need to enter a new contract period with us if you decide to do so. Our Sales team can help on 029 2002 0520 or [email protected]

What’s the notice period if I want to leave?

Just let us know 30 days in advance by emailing [email protected] or drop us a letter.

How do I speak to someone about my options?

Contact our Customer Care team on 029 2002 0550 or [email protected]

Why is the best available package in your letter more expensive than my current package?

This is the new best full fibre Ogi Package available to new customers in areas where these services are available. We will honour services and tariffs to all existing customers – in and out of contract – for 12 months, so you don’t need to worry about your bill from us increasing.

Net Support UK Customers

Net Support UK is now Ogi Networks Limited, trading as Ogi.

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