Everyone has a type

Choose from the Ogi personalities below to find the best products and services for you. With Ogi, everyone connects.

The Music Magpie

DJ extraordinaire, the music keeps playing when ever you’re around. From pop bops to keep everyone dancing, to the mellow sounds you relax to; you set the rhythm, wherever the dancefloor may be.

Your soundtrack to life needs ultra-reliable speeds.

The Bandwidth Beast

You skid into the room with a silent, digital roar, revving all engines. To you, tech is the limitless open door to infinite possibility. Crypto mining. Movie making. Creating. Watching. Listening. Gaming. Recording. Protecting. Collaborating.

Tech is king: and you’re digital royalty. Dammit, you’d BE digital if you could.

The Fixer

Party organiser-in-chief. Family Zoom night host. Head problem solver, super-fixer, holder-together. Home-working, home-schooling, family gathering, social networking, workshopping, ring-leading: you are the one that gets stuff done.

They can’t do without you. You can’t do without a great broadband connection.

The Spare Room CEO

You’ve got the ambition. The flair. You’re cutting the deals. There’s no room for ‘good enough’ and your service must match your super-slick pace. You don’t need an unhinged internet connection compromising your professional reputation, you need Ogi 300.

After all, only you know you’re wearing slippers under the desk.

The Season Binger

You are the ultimate endurance user. Undefeated by even the most complex, meandering or downright unbelievable storylines, you’ve got what it takes to hang in there. Stamina, snacks, the remote control and Ogi 150 are all you need for the ultimate tellython.

The Social Butterfly

Chatting and scrolling and swiping and shopping is your game. Spotted it on Insta and need it right now? Yes! In your size? Yes! Quick, tell the bestie. Argh, she’s gone and bought it already. Start over fast, before someone else gets on it…

Ogi 150 is your ultimate social and shopping companion.

The Online Learner

Knowledge is power. Whether you’re 7 or seventy, nothing gets between you and your learning curve. They say enlightenment comes in many forms – for you it’s getting the smarts by being smart about your home broadband.

Get with the programme faster than ever before by using Ogi 300.

The Armchair Coach

Your team’s everything and from your dual-screen armchair kingdom you critique their every move with your mates. Free bants, nibbles extra. Someone pass the hotdogs. They think it’s all over – it will be if your broadband’s dodgy.

Ensure you never bring shame upon your tribe with Ogi 300.

The Gamer

Game ON. Driven by the need for speed, you want internet that’s faster than your reflexes. Escape in the fastest car, get out of jail, build the fortress, score the deciding goal, defeat the alien and do it all right now. You know you deserve to win, so let’s do this!

Ogi 300 is the package you’ve been looking for your whole gaming life.