Welcome to the OgiAcademi

Our quick guide to all things Ogi. You have better things to worry about than your broadband. So let’s keep this simple.

The basics.

Let’s start at the top. Ogi is bringing a full fibre network to homes and businesses across south Wales.

Just to be clear, there are two types of ‘fibre’ broadband:

Fibre to the cabinet means fibre optic to the cabinet or green box to your street, then a copper line to your property. The copper lines are struggling a bit, and we can do better…

Full fibre means a ‘fibre-to-the-premises’ fibre optic connection to your home or business, not the green box down the street. It can bring you an Ultrafast service, and that’s what Ogi’s here to build.

Setting up your Ogi Fibre

Switching to Ogi is easy if we’re in your area. Speak to one of our friendly Ogi team members when you see them; call us on 029 2002 0520 or just sign-up online. We’ll give you an installation slot, and then all you need to do is wait for our Ogi Engineers to pop round. This little video explains it all in 60 secs.

Everything we do is zippy.

Your equipment

How to install your Zyxel WX3100 Extender
  1. Use your mobile to connect to the Ogi Wifi SSID in your phone’s Wifi Settings, using the wireless key on the back of the Zyxel Router.
  2. Download the MPro Mesh App onto your mobile via the App store or by using the QR code overleaf.
  3. Open the App and log in using the password on the back of your Router.
  4. Use the UK adaptor provided to plug-in your Extender. Wait for it to power-on and self-test.
  5. Wait for the power indicator light to stabilise and the wifi indicator to start flashing.
  6. Connect your Extender to your Router – you can do this by using a physical cable or via wifi. If using a cable, go to step 7; wifi, go to step 8.
  7. Connect the cable to one of the four LAN ports on the back of the Router and one of the two LAN ports on the Extender. To note: if you’re using a cable and want to switch to wifi in the future, you’ll need to reset the device and follow the set-up process again. Go to step 9.
  8. If using wifi, place the Extender close to the Router. Both devices must be in the same room, and in close proximity to the other. Open the MPro Mesh App and tap the + next to Mesh Devices. Follow the on-screen instructions. Tip: an orange flashing light will display on the Extender once you press the WPS button. Go to step 9.
  9. The MPro Mesh App should show both devices on the home screen. The Extender will adopt the same Wifi SSID as the Router. If they haven’t successfully connected, try the pairing process again with the Extender closer to the Router.
  10. You can now move the Extender to a location between the Router and an area of your property with poor wifi coverage. Tip: if you’re using a cable, it will need to be long enough to reach this new part of the property.
  11. Now use the MPro Mesh App to check the wireless signal strength between your Router and Extender. –  Green – your Extender is well positioned and working!
    – Amber – your signal is too strong, move the Extender away from the Router.
    – Red – your signal is too weak, move the Extender closer to the Router.

Your need for speed

The internet’s a big place and a lot of things can impact on the speed of your connection, some of which will be issues on the other side of the planet, and beyond our control. Your advertised speed is the average speed that is achievable by around 50% of our customers during peak hours. The minimum download speed you can expect to receive during peak time is around half your advertised speed.

You can test the speed of your service from us using Ogi’s Speed Test. To do this accurately, make sure you test your speed using a cable to your router, switching off any other devices and applications too.

Boost things up…

Remember that your Ogi full fibre optic connection stops at the Optical Network Terminal inside your home.

From here, it’s down to routers to carry your connection to every part of your home.

That’s why the speed you’ll see will vary, depending on the size and nature of your home and the device you’re using.

Ogi offers all our customers state-of-the-art wifi, but if you need to boost your speeds get in touch for an upgrade.

The first rule of tech club: switch it off, and back on again.